Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kid-Friendly Meal at J.P. Fitzgerald's

As you know, with four children, we're always looking for places that both our kids enjoy and that my wife and I can find things we like. We visited a spot I hadn't been to in years recently and rediscovered just how family friendly it is - J.P. Fitzgerald's (4326 Clark Street, Hamburg, New York).

I've been going to J.P.'s for years, as has my wife. For whatever reason, I'd not been there since they undertook a massive renovation and expansion. There's still a large barroom that's a favorite amongst locals, but they expanded their dining area and added a banquet facility. The menu has an Irish theme as you'd expect, but there are all kinds of things to chose from for young and old.

We dined at J.P. Fitzgerald's for lunch on a recent Saturday. When we arrived, we were seated nearly immediately. We had some time to look over the large menu while our drinks were being retrieved. As you'd expect, the menu featured a large selection of pub food. Starters range from $3.95 for tacos to $8.49 for steak quesadillas with many options to chose from. There is a wide selection of wings and fingers, as well as soups ($2.85-$4.95) salads ($3.49-$8.99), sandwiches & wraps ($5.49-$10.95) and entrees a.k.a. the "Belfast Grill" ($7.95-$14.95). They have special sections on their menu for "Buffalo Combos" and different preparations of corned beef. 

I was particularly impressed with the children's menu. There were plentiful selections and they were all very reasonably priced. Kids' meals include a drink, a side and a dessert. They ranged in price from $2.25-$4.25. These are some of the best prices I've seen on a kids menu all over Western New York. 

Our kids were all able to find things they enjoyed from chicken fingers ($2.55) to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ($2.25). My wife went with a long-time favorite of hers at J.P. Fitzgerald's - a closed Rueben sandwich ($7.99). I went for a bigger lunch than usual and opted for one of the "Buffalo Combos". I selected the smallest combo entitled "Combo I" ($7.79) which featured a mini Beef of Weck sandwich and 5 chicken wings.

After a very short wait, our kids' meals began to arrive. They were very well behaved during this lunch and the fact that they all enjoyed their meals was a large part of that. This was my wife's sandwich:

The corned beef was cooked properly and was quite tender. It went very well with the classic Rueben combination of sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese. With the waffle cut fries, my wife enjoyed the entire plate.

This was my meal:

As you can see, the combo was served with curly-Q fries. I only had a few as there was more than enough food between the sandwich and the wings. The beef was very tender and with a good amount of horseradish, the sandwich was very satisfying.  I ordered the wings hot and they came just how I wanted them - crispy and doused in Frank's Red Hot. I was very pleased with the entire combination.

We had a great meal for the whole family at J.P. Fitzgerald's. Without a doubt we'll be back with all four kids. I've always enjoyed having a few pints at J.P.'s, but the restaurant offers more and we'll come back for the full breadth of its service.


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