Monday, December 16, 2013

Trip to Hamburg Brewing Company

As you know, I've been enjoying the beer from the newly opened Hamburg Brewing Company over the past few months. I've already tried and enjoyed their IPA and Oatmeal Stout. Last week, I finally got to go to the brewery and it was a great experience.

My father in law hosted a small holiday party for some of the people that work for him at the Hamburg Brewing Company. Luckily, we were all invited to the party.

It had been snowing all day, but it fortunately let up right before we headed out to Hamburg. It was a pretty short trip from our house in Orchard Park. The building used to house a garage for sports and collectible cars, as well as offices. It looked like a dark, short building, buried in the snow when we arrived. The entrance isn't particularly well marked, but after going to a few doors that wouldn't open, we made made our way in.

As you come in, you have a full view of the tank room. You continue down a few hallways and end up in a gorgeous tap room. It was all decked our for the holidays.

The space inside the tap room is vast and open, with a two story ceiling. The center of the room is dominated by a beautiful stone fireplace that stretches from floor to ceiling. This is one side of the fireplace with its holiday decorations:

The bar is against the wall to your back when you walk it. It, too, was decked out for the holidays:

After you place your order at the bar, you can turn around and view the other side of the fireplace while waiting. The night we were there, that side of the fireplace housed a roaring fire:

On the night we were there, patrons could choose from five house-brewed beers: "White Corner" wheat ale, the aforementioned India Pale Ale & Oatmeal Stout, "Small Town" Saison and "No Lux" Black IPA. 

While we were there, I had the IPA because I liked it so much before. Here it is:

I also enjoyed the "No Lux". It was fantastic and perhaps better than the IPA. I'll be doing a separate piece about it later this week with all my tasting notes. Stay tuned for that.

Hamburg Brewing Company also serves wine by the glass and bottled root beer and birch beer. The root beer was a particular hit with the kids.

The taproom also serves light fare to enjoy with your drinks. You can choose from Peppadew peppers stuffed with ricotta and Borsian cheese, baked tater tots with Sriracha mayo, baked pretzel sticks with spicy mustard, a cheese and meat plate, a sausage sandwich with peppers, onions and provolone and individual pizzas.

That evening, my father in law had ordered several of these dishes for his guests to share. The cheese and meat plate was very good, featuring some nice salumi and a few selections of cheese. The pretzels were also very good and were served piping hot out of the oven. They were great with the spicy mustard and were also served with the Sriracha mayo which was good as well.

In addition to these great finger foods, we enjoyed two of the pizzas. The first which was a huge hit with the kids (no surprise) was the classic cheese and pepperoni:

It was a standard cheese and pepperoni pizza and it was quite good. It featured one of my favorite traits of a good cheese and pepperoni pizza: pepperoni with charred edges. Every one loved this one.

The was the other pizza we tried:

Pizza Margherita. It had some delicious tomatoes on it, along with slices of fresh mozzarella. It was very good and went well with the beer.

We had a great evening at the Hamburg Brewing Company. The beer was great, as was the atmosphere. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves, as did the kids. The food was good and went very well with the beers and wines. I've heard a brick oven may be in the works. I was going to come back to have some more beers, but with a brick oven, I'll be here a lot!

Take the trip out to Hamburg and enjoy the great craft beer at Hamburg Brewing Company!


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