Thursday, October 31, 2013

First-Rate Coffee in Downtown Buffalo

An essential part of any day for me, especially a work day, is coffee.  You already know that I'm a coffee nut.  I also like to discover new and exciting places to get great coffee.  I was hopeful I'd found one when I tried Great City Coffee in the Hotel Lafayette.  Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the hype, albeit self-imposed.  It made me long for my regular coffee spot in downtown Buffalo:  the Buffalo Coffee Roastery.

I've been frequenting the Buffalo Coffee Roastery for years.  It used to have two locations: the current location within the Main Place Mall and a location on the first floor of the Liberty Building, directly across the street from my office.  The Liberty Building location has long since closed and has been replaced by Tim Horton's.  While I do enjoy Tim Horton's from time to time, the one in the Liberty Building may be the chain's worst location.  It's a nightmare going in there anytime of day.  The clientele is interesting and the staff is usually down right mean.  But, I digress...

Every Friday, I treat myself to coffee at the Buffalo Coffee Roastery.  Also, as I've mentioned to you before, when we run out of beans to grind in the office, we'll often head down to the Roastery for our afternoon coffee.  The coffee is roasted in house and it's always of great quality.  On top of that, the prices are quite competitive.

Here's a look at the front of the Buffalo Coffee Roastery:

Inside, you'll find all kinds of beans for purchase, along with tasty baked goods available throughout the day until they're gone.  This is the baked goods case and, behind it, the many choices of beans for purchase:

And, in case you didn't think the coffee was fresh, the roasting machine is there to prove it:

There's a lot of good coffee in Buffalo.  However, there is very little good coffee right in the heart of downtown.  The Buffalo Coffee Roastery offers the best in this area of the city.  Each day, customers searching for drip coffee can choose from a regular, flavored or decaf roast.  There are numerous other drinks as well, including the typical bevy of espresso drinks found at any coffee house, Italian "sodas", and tea.  The selections are well priced and the location is very convenient for those of us working downtown.

Where do you go for coffee in Buffalo, downtown or elsewhere?


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  1. I live in Virginia now, but when I come home to Buffalo, I always get a mocha at the Sweetness 7 cafe on Grant St. I also like Spot Coffee, and there's a little cafe at the corner of Allen & Elmwood that I like.

    1. I've heard good things about Sweetness 7. I'll need to stop there next time I make my frequent stop at Guercio's. I'm a long time fan of SPoT and is the cafe you're speaking of Panaro's? I work downtown and there's nothing close other than the Buffalo Coffee Roastery. It's a great stop.