Monday, October 21, 2013

Classic Diner Fare in East Aurora

Just over a week ago, we took the kids to a family favorite for breakfast:  Charlie's Diner in East Aurora.  I've been going to Charlie's for as long as I can remember   When I was a kid, Charlie's only served breakfast and lunch.  More recently, they've started serving dinners as well.

As my family has been buying cars from the dealership across the street for decades, we stopped at Charlie's often.  It was always the perfect place to stop for breakfast when we were going to the dealership.  Living so close to it now, it's a great place for us to bring our family.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, Charlie's was busy as we'd expected.  Luckily, it wasn't too busy for us to get a table upon arrival.  This time around, we got the coveted table up front near that counter to seat our family of six. 

Here's a look at the front of the menu that greets you before you make your meal selection:

And here's a view of the counter at the front of the restaurant, a must for any real diner:

Charlie's offers all your favorite diner fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can stop in for a meal at Charlie's at any time of day and get a high quality meal at reasonable prices.

This time around, we had a great breakfast.  My wife got her fix of eggs and pancakes and there were pancakes a plenty for the kids.  The twins split a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake.  Our oldest daughter had her own pancake with some bacon.  My son, much like his father, went with a savory breakfast:  scrambled eggs and bacon.  At my suggestion, he got one of the specialties of Charlie's:  their homemade toast.  He got the homemade cinnamon toast on the side.  

Here's a look at my plate:

If you haven't figured it out already, I went with one of my favorite savory breakfasts:  corned beef hash and eggs.  The eggs were cooked to a perfect sunny side up as I'd ordered them.  The hash was well seasoned and deliciously crispy.  It was the perfect accompaniment to the eggs.  The star of the show, however, was the homemade cinnamon toast.  It has that warm, delicious cinnamon flavor.  It's sweet without being overly sweet.  It balanced the savory components of the meal quite well.

All in all, the breakfast was a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed their meals.  There was virtually no food left on anyone's plates.  We'll be back again...soon.  It's great to have such a great diner option so close.


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