Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Even a Private Party is Done Right at Rick's

We've gone to Rick's on Main in East Aurora several times.  Each time has been a fantastic experience.  Always great food, great service and a great atmosphere.

In the past, we've gone with the entire family, with other couples, and just my wife and I. It was good every time.

Last weekend, my firm threw a wonderful retirement party for my father.  The party was on the second floor at Rick's and I wasn't sure how the food would turn out.  Often times when you go to a restaurant for a private function, the food can arrive at the table horrifically worse than what you would get if you sat down at a two top.  Food for private parties can often arrive cold and bland.  This worried me about trying a private party at Rick's for the first time.  I'm pleased to advise that we weren't disappointed.

After enjoying some nice cocktails with some tasty h'orderves, we sat down for dinner.  It was a sit-down meal instead of a buffet, and that probably helped things immensely.  We had a wonderful choice of one of the following:  bacon-wrapped pork  tenderloin, Gorgonzola crusted sirloin, roasted chicken and pasta with puttanesca sauce.

While all four choices sounded delicious, I opted for the Gorgonzola crusted sirloin.   The steak was preceded by a salad.  While the greens and vegetables in the salad were very good, it was underdressed.  I needed a little more of the vinaigrette used.

While the salad lacked punch, the steak delivered.  It was cooked to a perfect medium rare.  It was served with sweet potato fries and a julienne of fresh vegetables, which were sauteed in butter.  The steak was delicious with the Gorgonzola...well, I'd eat anything with any type of blue cheese on it!  But, the crust didn't over power the meat and was wonderful.  The fries were cooked until they were quite dark, which concerned me at first.  However, once I tasted them, I discovered that all sweet potato fries should be cooked this way!  They were crispy on the outside, which is more than I can say for most sweet potato fries I've had in the past.  They were not over cooked and had a wonderfully soft interior.

Here's the plate:

The meal was so good, it ensured our return trip sometime soon.  So, whether it's a two top or a twenty top, Rick's knows how to get it done.


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